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Founders Fellowship Academy (FFA)

You want to start your own company? But you only have a rough idea what you want to do and don’t really know where to start? Futury’s “Founders Fellowship Academy” is a unique program designed for entrepreneurs. You have access to mentors, corporates, coaching, financing and an office space in Berlin

Phase I (3-months) “Develop your idea and complete your team”

During the pre-acceleration phase of the FFA, the entrepreneurs undergo a guided process to develop their business idea and find missing team members (co-founder). Using the infrastructure provided (incl. a budget of EUR 4’000 per team), the technical support as well as the Futury network and expert workshops, the entrepreneurs focus on initially testing market and clients, create an MVP and/or Prototype and pivot their case accordingly. After three months, the entrepreneurs will pitch with their case for the subsequent accelerator phase and additional funding.

Phase II (3-months) “Build your product and raise money”

After a successful pitch, equipped with additional funding of EUR 20’000, the entrepreneurs initiate the product development process as well as get first partners and potential clients on board. From Day 1, the entrepreneurs are mentored by one of our advisory partner. Working closely with our corporate partners as well as with potential later stage investors, the entrepreneur get prepared for the Final Pitch at the end of the FFA to secure financing for the subsequent growth phase.


Are you dreaming of starting your own business?

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For Corporates

As a Futury corporate partner, corporations get to share and support an innovative drive that is hard to find in regular business development.

“Enforce innovation for your corporate”
Like entrepreneurs, corporates use the Futury environment to foster their corporate innovation activities and position themselves close to the companies of tomorrow. The access to a wide pool of potential entrepreneurs and the structured FFA enables corporates to develop business cases relevant to their future business – either through external start ups driving the case or by spinning off a new venture with an internal team.

“Support start ups developing your industry”
Through providing input like innovative technologies, unique data sets, or valid business ideas as basis for new business cases, corporates gain the opportunity to drive the development of their industry utilizing the vast number of entrepreneurial minds within the Futury resource pool. The corporates work closely with the start ups making the first steps and position themselves as long-term partners or potential investors.

“Utilise the innovative environment to spin off own corporate ventures”
Venturing internal out-of-the-box ideas efficiently requires a completely detached environment as well as a focused process aiming for building a new company. Corporates have the opportunity to use Futury’s “Founders Fellowship Academy” to spin off own ventures by sending teams with business ideas to participate in the managed program. At the end, unlike the start ups in the FFA, the spin-off moves back to the corporate.

New Ventures

Screening of business cases focusing on IoE | Access to potential new ventures focusing on IoE | Insides into new business models across different industries


Access to the most talented founders through Futury's strategic University network.

Strategic BD

Strategic help through industry-specific input |Opportunity to create strategic partnerships with ventures | Support to create new markets within the industry


Early Access to Funds/ Possibly to invest due to Futury's Early Stage Approach and high class Network

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For Universities

“Need for a “corporate environment” to become entrepreneur”
At the end of their studies, most of the students enter a structured career path in a corporate environment helping the to get on their own feet. But the talented, driven entrepreneurs lack such a guided environment making the decision to start a business right off the school way harder. The Futury’s FFA fills exactly this gap giving potential entrepreneurs the resources and infrastructure, the environment and network as well as the guidance to make the first steps with an own company.

“Enable your students to start their own business”
Top Business Schools and Technical Universities use Futury’s platform to provide their students with a unique form of support to launch an own venture. The FFA is complementary to a university’s entrepreneurship activities and programs enlarging the opportunities and creating a larger entrepreneurial network in every direction. By integrating Futury’s case development competition in the respective program, students get the chance to plan early for an entrepreneurial career.

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Meet the Team behind Futury.

Thede Schlömer
Public relations and corporate partnerships. Startup mentor for business modelling & development.
Florian Korn
FFA application and internal processes. Startup mentor for processes and operational setup.
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Laura Mehler
Head of Venture Development
Laura is Head of Venture development at Futury and leads all investment-related activities.
Maximilian Twelker
VP Venture Development
As VP Venture Development, Max empowers talented entrepreneurs to transform unexplored business ideas and promising technologies into customer value.

Extended Network and Partners

Meet our trusted advisors and experts.

Frauke Mispagel

Axel Springer Accelerator - Managing Director

Mark Schmitz

Lakestar Ventures - Partner and Head of Legal

Mike Reiners

Amazon Web Services - Business Development and VC EMEA

Cristian Alzati

Sayula Engineering AG - CTO and Founder

Michael Steiner

Cudos Capital AG - Partner and Managing Director

About Us

Futury is a company builder and pre-seed investor that targets ventures focusing on technologies and business around “connecting people”, “connecting data”, “connecting devices” or “connecting processes” – The Internet of Everything (IoE).

Futury is a unique platform for talented entrepreneurs with the desire to launch their own company and corporates from small to large keen to identify new technology fields and business cases. Working closely with leading universities and corporate partner, Futury creates the ideal environment to transform unexplored business ideas and promising technologies into new ventures. Futury brings together all required resources (talents, technology, expertise, clients and access to funding) and creates new ventures (stand-alone start ups and corporate spin-offs).

Its “Founders Fellowship Academy” (FFA) is a unique program designed for talented entrepreneurs who intend to launch their own venture – supported by an extraordinary entrepreneurial environment as well as strong corporate and investment partners ready to support the new ventures.

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